Unlocking the concealed Meanings: A Look into the Fascinating realm of Gay Hanky Codes!

Ever already been among a group of gay men and observed a good amount of handkerchiefs within pockets? Maybe you also realize that they seem to be in pants and clothing pouches. In case you are not really acquainted with the homosexual society, you will probably deduce that it’s newer and more effective development.

After all, trends appear to transform every minute nowadays, and it’s extremely difficult to maintain. You’ll just shrug it well and continue. If you know towards gays, however, might very possible presume it really is a gay hanky code of some type, and also you’d end up being appropriate.

Gay hanky codes, also referred to as handkerchief rules or bandana codes, have been an integral part of the LGBTQ+ neighborhood for decades. These codes include putting on a colored handkerchief in a certain wallet or some location in your human anatomy to communicate a person’s sexual passions and fetishes to other individuals. The colour or structure indicates whatever sexual activity, while the situation shows your preferred role.

The annals associated with the homosexual hanky rule (or bandana code, since it is occasionally labeled as) is an extended and fascinating any. The origins aren’t also rooted in homosexual culture. Instead, the starts are available in the mid-19th 100 years whenever it was utilized by tens of thousands of cowboys, miners, and railroad engineers during the american United States.

Really thought that the practice of using bandanas by men started in
Bay Area
during the gold-rush when men who had been moving with one another in square dances used the shade of their bandanas to represent whether or not they were using the male or female part in dancing.

This code was used because there had been few women present, very each man needed to perform either a man lead or feminine follower part during a dance. The man dressed in a blue bandana would grab the male head part, even though the man sporting a red bandana would do the feminine follower part.

Over numerous many years later, from inside the flourishing homosexual tradition of 1970s
New York City
, homosexual men required a code to indicate not merely their sexuality but in addition the character they played. Presuming was actually hazardous, as approaching the incorrect individual may lead to you being arrested, thrown in jail, or killed. Discretion had been of this substance. People in the leather-based neighborhood created a means of communication.

A lot of them already dressed in important factors on their strip loops. Dressed in their unique important factors to their left gear loop involved symbolize your guy was a top, while putting on it throughout the right meant they happened to be a bottom.

Really reported the utilization of the hanky signal in those occasions came to exist after bull crap created by a journalist from The Village sound, an alternative solution weekly paper and something associated with the very first sourced elements of details for queer people in new york.

The journalist joked that gay males should seek out different-colored handkerchiefs as a very efficient strategy to show their sexual interests instead of making use of the tips. Town relatively accepted the concept, and also the gay hanky signal had been used.

, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Per some scholarly resources, the adoption of hanky codes by gay neighborhood was speared by an emporium in bay area for sexual merchandise known as The investing Post. Around 1971, the shop started to promote colored handkerchiefs within shop as well as imprinted and distributed notes employing definitions.

Because the meaning of the yellow and bluish handkerchiefs had been known, all they necessary to perform had been assign meanings to many other colors and printing them in the cards. This version of the storyline are available in Hal Fischer’s Gay Semiotics.

There is a state by Alan Selby, founder of Mr. S Leather in bay area, he, along with his business partners at Leather ‘n’ situations, created the first homosexual hanky requirements. Relating to him, they unintentionally received a double purchase of bandanas and had to rapidly develop a manner to allow them to offer the actual things. Requisite may be the mom of development, as the saying goes, as well as the answer were to develop an expanded code to help them get rid of the extra stock.

Starting in 1964, Bob Damron, an entrepreneur, punished a summary of all of the homosexual bars he’d seen on their travels throughout the united states of america. The publication was labeled as

Bob Damron’s Address Book

, and it featured homosexual taverns, theatres, bathhouses, and sail places he would visited. An early on version of our very own
gay vacation guides
, the subsequent variations of your also featured databases of this gay hanky requirements that existed during that time.

Background, specifically
queer background
– certainly satisfaction and strength – is very important, so the source of gay hanky codes should not be pushed apart. But is as vital that you look to the here and from now on. Nowadays, there exists a robust vocabulary of colors, opportunities, and meanings.

Although newer kinds of interaction can be found and secrecy is no longer necessary in many spots, the usage of these coloured handkerchiefs to speak continues to be practiced among gay individuals. Even the understanding that homosexual rights and gay systems are always under menace have not allowed the exercise to disappear into obsoletion.

We’re going to try to describe a few of the hanky rules and their definitions. This is simply not an exhaustive listing, obviously, there are several that wont feature inside. We hope that most of those carry out, however. Before we dive in, it is important to find out that the setting associated with object in the left area suggests that the wearer is actually a premier, while placing it regarding correct indicates that the wearer is actually a bottom.

For acts like fisting, water-based activities, an such like, the bandana is worn throughout the remaining side your individual performing the work, and on the best part your individual getting the treatment.

The edges involved may either be a pocket – the back wallet – or the arm. Your latter, the bandana is actually tied round the remaining and/or correct top supply. To indicate that wearer is versatile, the bandana is actually tied up round the throat or hidden down the front or back of shorts, since based as is possible. Today, why don’t we get right to the hues and the things they mean.

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Imaginative Commons (BY-NC-SA) permit

In this specific article we’ll protect…


If you notice some one using a black colored bandana or handkerchief on their left area or carrying it inside their remaining wallet, it indicates they might be interested in playing the work of SADO MASO or Dominance. When it is worn in the right-side, it indicates these include prepared for being dominated, for example. they’re submissive.

a monochrome checked bandana is actually a welcome picture, because demonstrates a leading – or bottom – who’s big on secure sex. If the bandana had a white stripe, it means its bearer is a black bottom (in other words. they are a leading) or vice versa. If you see a black velvet handkerchief sticking out from a left wallet, anyone likes to generate videos. If it is during the correct wallet, the person likes doing for camera.


We had beenn’t certain whether charcoal comes under grey or black colored, but whatever the case, charcoal represents a latex fetish very top or base, depending on the position hanky, however.

Gray can be used to indicating a person searching for slavery, making use of the remaining part waiting for bondage top while the right showing a base exactly who enjoys slavery. Gray and black colored signify they may be into mild SM, and gray flannel is because of suits: putting on them or liking guys that wear them.


a red bandana or handkerchief used on remaining indicates that the wearer is actually into fisting. Worn from the right-side, it means the person is actually into getting fisted. In the event that handkerchief is actually dark-red, it suggests two-handed fisting. Again, equivalent legislation can be applied as to the sides.

Maroon, a reddish-brown, represents one thing a lot more serious – reducing. The utmost effective really does the cutting, obviously. Of course, if the red has actually a white stripe, it indicates the bearer enjoys shaving/being shaved, again bearing in mind the side. In the event that white stripe is actually black, it means the alternative, with all the individual getting a furry bear or wanting to end up being banged by one.


Mild green and dark red have to do with
fucking and tit torturing, correspondingly. As always, the current presence of the hanky on the remaining indicates the person is perpetuating the act, whilst the presence regarding the right implies that they have been open to obtaining it. If you are feeling brave, tuck lighting and dark ink hanky into the right back wallet. Do not guarantee you may not awaken aching, though.

We’re just browsing go ahead and group mauve, magenta, and fuschia according to the pink umbrella. Sometimes we cannot assist but ask yourself exactly what technique was used to assign definitions these types of tones, because some shades being therefore near to both in shade mean vastly various things. As an instance, mauve from the left reveals that you’re into navel worshipers, while carrying it from the proper declares that you’re a navel worshipper. A shade from that, you have got fuschia, the shade of spankers and gays that want to be spanked. Envision attempting to invest a quiet night nuzzling your own very top’s waist line, and then you end up thrown over a knee, a paddle in from your own butt.

If you’re not acutely acquainted the gay hanky rules / different colors, prevent the more technical codes and simply make use of your terms rather. You’re probably thinking exactly what mauve stands for. Well, we’re going to place it because of this: if you do not like getting your pits sucked or sucking pits, it is not for you.


Orange is really a cheerful, sunny color so it’ll be difficult guess what it stands for. If you notice a gay man flashing a tangerine bandana out of their left pocket, its an indication that they’re down for literally such a thing, anyplace, whenever you want. Seeking to get fisted? They may be your guy. Gone thinking of having a handjob behind some community commodes? Hit them down. Ever wondered the way it would feel to screw in
rabbit halloween costumes
? They might obtain a couple of fluffy bunny ears currently.

The bandana on right side might let you down you a tiny bit, whilst indicates the holder is searching and does not want doing such a thing at that time. Just like pink, there are other tones near orange that also have actually various definitions.

An apricot hanky is worn throughout the left by an excess fat person and on suitable by a chubby chaser. A person sporting red coral likes having their own toes sucked or is into sucking, of course, if the truth is a rust handkerchief, the person is actually often a cowboy (remaining part) or likes cowboys (right side).


a bright yellow bandana or handkerchief used on left is actually a sign the individual sporting it likes offering wonderful baths. If it is used throughout the right-side, it indicates the individual enjoys receiving wonderful showers. A pale yellow stands for spitting, and in case the bandana is on the left part, meaning the person really does spitting. Of course, it is possible to do you know what best area is short for. A gold bandana on left supply or pocket means anyone falls under a few searching for a 3rd, even though the right side could be the reverse – an individual shopping for a couple of to join with.

A mustard-colored bandana or handkerchief should stimulate a lot of people that happen to be familiar with the signal, whilst suggests an individual whoever penis is eight in and overhead. Just be sure its throughout the left side, or two different people wanting a well-hung stallion might end heading house with each other. That will be rather a story to tell.

a yellow banana with a white stripe stands one seeking an Asian top or bottom (you need to stay away from this unless you’re Asian, or it may come-off as fetishizing). Silver is donned by men and women looking for muscle tissue kid tops or soles.


A kelly environmentally friendly bandana is actually carried on the left area by hustlers switching tricks, and on the proper by johns thinking of buying every night or a couple of delight.

Hunter green is for daddies and their young men, olive green is for military covers and bottoms, while lime green is similar to kelly environmentally friendly, with the exception that the currency exchanged in this situation is food, versus money. It’s just not typical, but essential lime reminds united states of food – and as a consequence very should this bandana!


The placement of a light blue bandana or handkerchief can indicate the person’s choices about giving mind. Worn from the remaining side, it suggests a desire to receive. Worn in the right side, it signifies a desire supply mind.

a change to a robin’s egg azure tends to make things quite interesting. While sporting the bandana throughout the correct supply or holding it inside remaining pocket demonstrates the person wants to 69, carrying it regarding correct reveals an aversion to 69. A medium blue bandana isn’t one you would be prepared to see frequently, considering the history of stress between authorities additionally the homosexual society, because it is short for cops. You holding it about right side indicates that they may be in search of a little excitement in the form of a cop to top them.

a dark or navy blue means an ordinary outdated top or bottom, while an airforce bluish handkerchief are continued the left part by a pilot/flight attendant as well as on suitable part by a person who wants either. A light blue bandana with white stripes signals the existence of a sailor or an individual who really wants to fuck a sailor.

Once you see a teal handkerchief, you would best think twice, until you’re into dick and basketball torture, for the reason that it’s what you’re getting. A light bluish bandana with white, black, brown, or yellow dots represents people who choose suck or get drawn by white, black, Latino, or Asian people, respectively.


Many do not know that piercing is a
for a few. If you should be these people, you’ll give thanks to united states for beginning the sight to new things. Stick a purple bandana in your left pocket if striking folks turns you on. You can also recharge for your piercings and make money having fun. Place it in the right one if being pricked with sharp needles enables you to frustrating.

You need to be mindful that you do not replace it with a lavender one, or perhaps you’ll be stating that you want drag queens- should you wear it on the left – or that you are a pull king yourself from the correct.


This can be bound getting one of the more hard shades to differentiate, so we’d will apologize beforehand. Simple white is short for a handjob – obtaining or giving one. Holstein (milk-white) fittingly is due to milking, utilizing the very top doing the milking therefore the bottom being milked. A cream-colored bandana is used on the remaining by someone who has anything for cumming in condoms.

Those who enjoy sucking the cum from said condoms put them on regarding right. An ordinary white fabric hanky regarding remaining means the holder wants white soles, and those finding white surfaces put them on on the correct. If you get a glimpse of white velvet regarding remaining side, anyone loves to watch. Whether or not it’s on the correct, that they like getting watched.

Put on a gold lame handkerchief inside remaining wallet if you’re particularly wanting a hollywood, and you simply might draw in one with the same object inside their proper wallet.


A brown cotton hanky implies how you feel it means. Yes, its scat, making use of the scat top flagging (this will be another word for making use of the hanky codes) on the remaining in addition to bottom flagging on correct. Brown lace represents circumcision – whether you are loading an uncut dick or finding one. Brown silk is actually for cut dicks. Brown corduroy is actually taken by people who are into headmaster/student roleplay. The ‘headmaster’ stocks the hanky in the left, although the student stocks it in the right.

A brown handkerchief with a white stripe suggests a seek out Latino soles or clothes. a tan one regarding the left area identifies a smoker, and when they are your sort, next wear your own website about right. Beige, which we have now chose to put in the brown category, is actually for rimmers and people who like obtaining rimmed.

Additional Gay Hanky Codes

Asides from tones, other products and designs also provide somewhere into the gay hanky code language. One with a fur-covered handkerchief is actually both a premier or bottom that is into bestiality. A leopard-print one is the unmistakeable sign of a tattoo-haver and a tattoo liker. Paisley is the signal in order to have or liking boxer shorts. We’re not too yes the reason why anyone would feel the need to banner that, but each on their very own.

A Union Jack will be the banner for skinheads, while folks into outside gender hold internet handkerchiefs – or, a lot more precisely, rectangular items of web. In the event that you especially are into
and wish to get it in a playground, carry a white and purple gingham hanky, and when you’re checking for anyone to cuddle, buy a teddy-bear patterned one. Any time you wear it in the remaining, you have to be the big scoop, and on ideal, you’ll be the small scoop.

The last you’re maybe not a hanky after all, but we have heard that in the event that you’re into plastic play, you will want to hold a plastic bag. This is certainly difficult to validate, and most certainly not the most typical homosexual hanky signal there can be .

Whilst the homosexual hanky rule has become a historical tradition in the LGBTQ+ society, it isn’t widely known or utilized. Different communities and people have unique interpretations from the definitions of various tones and placements.

Many people additionally select hanky rules become out-of-date or constricting and like to communicate their own passions and desires immediately the help of its partners. Most likely, we would are now living in today’s era with
gay hook-up applications
with emojis and all the fetishes noted…

Other individuals believe that it is a wizard concept, whilst communicates such without words and assists you easily choose people with similar tastes just like you from a large group of men and women. Whatever you decide and consider them, it’s important to keep the background behind hanky codes at heart and observe that they have been indivisible from gay and LGBTQ record.

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